Taking TV and Movies Everywhere

Watching TV is becoming less and less expensive, and in some really great cases, it is becoming free! There are a number of apps that work on both Android as well as Apple devices, and that which are bringing our favorite televisions shows to our phones, computers and tablets for free. There is a new app, ShowBox app, that delivers the latest movies and TV shows for free. Just downloading the app on your devices, or watching online, will bring you the latest episodes of your favorite shows without the humongous cable bill. They have thousands of titles available for download, and they put the control entirely in the hands of the user.


When trying to figure out what you would like to watch, theshowboxapp.com allows users to search by name, or even rating, so as to deliver targeted results. Users can also check the very helpful “added” feature. Here they will find the latest episodes of all shows the showboxapp,com has recently added. There is a “genre” search option which allows users to perform a more targeted search through the volumes of movies on this 100%-free app. Another neat feature that has not been seen elsewhere is the ability to search by year. If you can’t remember the name of a film, but you have a pretty good idea of what it was released, you can easily do a quick search on this app. They also allow IMDB-ratings searches, if you just want to see the best releases.

This app was created by those who loves movies and television shows. They worked diligently to create an app that those who share their ardent love of motion pictures would enjoy. The interface is designed with end-users in mind, and all the menus are easily navigable. Another nice feature is the ability to create a favorites folder. You can put all your favorite shows in that folder, and then you can also share it with friends and family through Email, Twitter, Hangouts or a host of other social networking options. In the end, this is a great app to use either exclusively, or in conjunction with other services that you might currently have, like cable television. Showbox helps you to watch your shows while commuting, hanging around in airports, or lying in bed at night. It is portable, free and we cannot ask for much more!