SEO as a Popularity Contest

So ranking really isn’t that hard, its all about being the popular kid on the block.  What do I mean?  Well think of the internet as a big popularity contest, the more people that like you the more popular you are.  Well instead of being liked its about links, and well now social media plays a big role as well.  More information on SEO

Being the Popular kid

So how do I become the popular kid? Well Google will tell you by having rivoting content you will naturally gain links and therefore rank in the serps without doing anything extra or special.  Well that may be true but if nobody ever saw that great content because you weren’t ranking for anything then how would the cool kids like you (link to your pages).

Having Great Style

So first of all you have to get the on page content correct.  The title tags, h1 tags and url should be about what your trying to rank for.  Super simple right?  Well yes, but since Google’s Panda algorithm update you aren’t allowed to overoptimize.  So if your trying to rank for rubber baby bumpers, you wouldn’t want the url to be www.website.com/rubber-baby-bumpers, the h1 tag to be Rubber Baby Bumpers, and the title tag to be Rubber Baby Bumpers – Website.com… You would want to choose variants of the term for each.

I try not to have all 3 the same exactly but I also know that I can be a bit lazy since it saves me time if I have the url and title the same because they’ll be that way depending on the article title for most CMS websites anyway.  I just make sure to have a longer tail version for the h1 tag unless I’m specifically trying to add extra terms in which would also be useful to rank for.

Being Proactive

Nobody ever wins a popularity contest by being the quiet guy.  I have to put my information out there in order to have any chance of getting links back.  Being active in social networks can be a great start.  Making video’s that are useful, building the video that answers a question you didn’t find a video answer to is a great way to help people and get a quick ranking video. Video’s titles and content is much like the on page SEO so make sure to get all that fixed up.

If you build it they will come

Just like field of dreams, not really, but building your own backlinks on relevant blogs, in relevant directories, forumns that you are actually active in, these are great ways to get started with a ‘natural’ link profile since more often than not these links are very common.  It is easy to go overboard with these but don’t.  Build a handful of each type, then try to find the more powerful links that your competition has and match those links.