Personalized thumb drives from CustomUSB.com

I’ve been in tech for a while now and if there’s one thing I know its that unique items for tech geeks are loved. Everyone needs about a hundred USB’s and its hard to remember which one has that bit of pertinent info that you really need at a moments notice. That’s not an issue if you put it on one of CustomUSB.com’s Personalized flash drives.

The variety of drives that they’ve made for companies is astounding. They’ve made coke can drives, oak barrel drives, executive pen drives. I’ve seen some interesting USB drives before but nothing of the quality and uniqueness that this company provides.

Their custom flash drives are totally unique and would be the envy of every techie in the room. Most would think, that drive’s probably worthless, those custom jobs only hold 2 or 4 gigs. They would be wrong, Their flash drives start out at 8 gigs and go up to a whopping 32gb. That’s plenty of room for all those cat pictures.