Crime of Being Alive

Indeed, abortion is wrong. The lord has said, “You should certainly not murder, ” (Exodus 20: 13). Everything that is growing inside mother is a baby, a baby. The Bible examines the life in the womb like a child. Exodus 21: 25 says, “And if men struggle jointly and strike a woman with child in order that she has a miscarriage, yet there is no further injury, he shall surely be fined because woman’s husband may require of him; and he shall pay because judges decide, ” (NASB). 1

The key concern of the “Pro-Choicers” is just not the guarded protection with the life in the tummy. Instead, the main concern is the “rights” of the mother over and from the rights of the baby growing in her. A child, who cannot exercise a unique will, is killed. As well as, in order to help to make the killing more palatable, the newborn is called a “fetus” or even “non-viable” or “not but human, ” etc. This particular eases the conscience. Nevertheless, for those who say the newborn isn’t “viable, ” maybe you have seen a sonogram of your abortion? You can view the “non-viable fetus” retracting on the instruments of death and also seeking self-preservation. It would like to live. Some would respond by saying that even a rodent wants to live. But what is inside womb of the new mother is human.

The Bible says for individuals to protect the fragile and down-trodden. But together with abortionists, the rights with the baby are sacrificed with the rights of the new mother, and the father doesn’t need any rights. The mother cries out which the life in her is a part of her body and that she has the right to do with her body as your lover wills.

True love will not seeks its own yet is other-centered. It gives. “For God so loved the planet he GAVE his solely begotten son… ” (John 3: 16). Abortion is the ultimate in selfishness. It puts the mom’s convenience and desires above lifespan of her own newborn. To kill the baby inside womb means to think about oneself more important than someone else.

Even in nature, as much as I understand, animals don’t kill what on earth is in their own wombs. People are the only ones exactly who kill their young even though still unborn. In this specific society of “self respect, ” “personal accomplishments, ” and “empowerment, ” true love is losing out, and also death is winning.

Nevertheless, there is hope with Jesus. If you’ve experienced an abortion, you is usually forgiven by the The almighty. All you need to accomplish is confess it towards Lord Jesus and ask Him to forgive an individual. That is what Used to do years ago when your ex I lived with grew to be pregnant and had the abortion. I was accountable. As a man, the actual inner turmoil and guilt I felt was terrible. I can’t imagine what it becomes like for a person. Nevertheless, the Lord provides graciously forgiven me and also her. I say this only inside hopes that others would come to obtain the sweet forgiveness found with Jesus.

Nevertheless, the unbeliever is just not convicted by the Text of God. So, I’ve presented what I think about a logical argument against abortion.