On Page

On page optimization is about using the url, title tags, and header tags correctly.  Its also about having variants of the keyword.  Lessons and training can be utilized as synonyms, search engine marketing, and SEO, similar yet different.  Using these synonyms can broaden the websites ability to rank by allowing it to rank for long tail, and other simliar searches.

Proper on page  SEO starts with knowing the keywords you should try to rank for.  While your website may be about weight loss, getting the website to rank #1 for the most compeditive term on the entire internet might be a bit difficult.  Finding ways to get traffic means finding long tail searches that still generate enough traffic but have much lower competition.  Many times the client will want to go head on and will not be quite as interested in you ranking them for 5 long tail searches that have a larger search volume than the main keyword which is chock full of competition.  You will however be doing your job.  When they see the increases in hits and hear the phone ringing, or have a full inbox, they may think differently. I know a great comany to SEO The Woodlands TX.

I usually just use adwords keyword research for finding the keywords with low competiton and higher search volumes.  I do also employ a few SEO softwares and online tools as well.

There are many reputable companies to rank your websites, one particular company we share leads with is Houts Graphics