I have found simplicity an impactful concept in web marketing.
It is especially important in designing graphics.   Simplfy so it is easy to focus on what is important. Too many distractions take away from the purpose of the website. All of the articles here have images, headings and even videos. This allows you to process the information quicky and also have a choice as to how to process it.

Get to the point! Be specific! By laying out exactly who, what where, why, how… etc you provide the information they need to make a purchase. Don’t assume that they know why they should buy it. Don’t be overly complex with your explanations. Begin with a simple overview and have more information available.

Know Your Customer

Knowing who your target audience is and displaying the materials specifically for them will help when trying to convert. Each page can be very specific with the products offered, descriptions, benefits, etc. There will be a noticeable gain in website sales or actions.


Literally use the ad copy as the Article title, the same goes with the article image and ad images.  I know this is more about when your dealing with ads, but this same concept can be applied to any source of traffic.  Branding, and making the images recognizable and constant can play an important role in conversion rates as it affects the trust of the traffic.  It takes the surprise out of the equation and gives the visitor more of what they expected when they arrive.